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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
It's true...after McGahee, we have very little in terms of reliable, skillful RB's. Sure, there are guys that have shown flashes here and there, but every team has those. We have no idea what Hillman is capable of.

MJD is a freaking stud, plain and simple. He's one of my favorite RB's. But as others have said, he would be a very expensive luxury. Is he worth it, with so many other positions of need? I don't know...but I don't see any stud LB's or safeties being offered up for trade at the moment (not saying that MJD is even available). But what I do know is that having Manning and MJD lining up together in the same backfield would be SICK! And if Demaryius develops into what I think he's capable of, finally pairing some receiving skill with his already freakish athletic ability...Jesus we would have half of the AFC Pro Bowl offensive starters lining up for us on every possession!
It would be like the AFC version of duh bears!

Oh what could have been if Bowlen didn't fire Shanny...

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