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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
Sometimes I question if you guys actually watch the NFL or if you just sit around and theorize about it without seeing it.

This offense makes it so you don't have to have the best back in the league. The defense respects the pass and that is why the backs have high per carry average. Manning spreads defenses out. Average backs look great taking the occasional hand-off for nice gains.
I watch a ton of football. . . as much as anybody here. The Denver Manning offense is not going to be the exact same offense as the Indy Manning offense. Yes, we'll see the the no-huddle and the crossing routes and the stretch plays when a defense drops 7 or 8 into coverage, but Peyton isn't going to be able to rip the ball 40, 45, 50 times per game anymore. Particularly early in the season, he's going to have to rely more on the running game than he ever has before. Even Fox has talked about how the running game is going to be emphasized more, even with some two RB sets. And to be honest, after Willis we don't even have "average" backs on the roster. We have an unknown rookie 3rd round draft pick, Saucy and camp fodder.
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