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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by rbackfactory80 View Post
I love MJD. Problem is he is a Luxury. First rounder has to be spent on a position of need. We have plenty positions of need on the defensive side of the ball.
when you think about it we really only need to find a stud MLB next year, I think our DL will be much better with the Methhound pick and Uriein(SP?) showing flashes.

If we give up a 2nd and maybe a low 2014 pick or package KM somehow we could still find an MLB next year and have some flexibility to move up and get a guy or stay put and fill a hole or draft a BPA in the other rounds. If you think about it outside of LB the next draft could be the BPA draft we need to get some playmakers.

The more I think about it the more I think we should move KM, it would give him a fresh start and give up some value in return. The dude hasn't looked very good so far in the PS. Unless they are hiding some great plays they are going to use him in the passing game that they haven't shown. I don't think KM is going to suddenly turn into a patient RB with great vision who makes one cut and is gone. He likes to dance and get bit by turf monsters and stuff.
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