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Bradley Roby

I think some people fail to grasp how utterly screwed this team is if Willis gets hurt for any significant time. Honestly, it's time to stop dicking around and get an elite back to help Manning out. MJD 1A and Willis McGahee as 1B would be deadly.

For the record I think Hillman will be an excellent speed back, but we're at preseason game # 3 and he's yet to take the field. Moreno combines the elusiveness of Sammy Winder and the power of Gerald Willhite, with a sprinkle of injury prone and criminal behavior sprinkled in. Ball is a special teams player and the rest of these guys wouldn't make a practice squad on any other team in the league.

For this to work, Denver has to play with leads and pound the ball when necessary. We're not going to win with a 36-year-old QB throwing the ball 45 or 50 times a game.
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