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Jack Dolbin

I don't buy most of the conspiracy theory stuff. It is plausible that a bunch of fed departs are going on a spending spree, blowing budget so they don't lose budget.

I do question though why so many Fed departments/ agencies have their own armed law enforcement. (Homeland Security, ICE, Border Patrol, ATF, Air Marshals,TSA, Secret Service, Federal Protective Service, DEA, FBI, US Marshals, Bureau of Prisons, State Dept Diplomatic Security Service, NOAA, IRS, Treasury IG, Mint Police, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Coast Guard Police, Coast Guard Investigative, Depart of Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Army Investigative, Army MP, Air Force Special Investigations, Air Force Security, Air Force Police, NCIS, Naval Intel Police, Marine Corp Provost Marshals, Depart of Education IG, FDA, USDA, US Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Nat Parks Service Rangers, US Park Police, Land Management Law Enforce and Security, US Fish and Wildlife, CIA, Federal Reserve Police, Library of Congress, NSA, Capitol Police, Post Office Inspection Service, VA Police, Supreme Court Police, Probation Service, Amtrak Police, Smithsonian Police, Social Security Admin.)

Sounds like Pres Obama already has a civilian army as well funded and staffed as the military.

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