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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Are the Chargers really better than the Broncos on paper?

Where are they stronger at? WR. TE. SS. FB? lol
Probably TE if Gates is back to his old self. SS for sure, and PR/KR. You guys are going to love Royal if they use him properly on special teams. Other than that I'm really not sure. I'd be willing to call it even on the WR position for now. That could go either way. RB if Mathews is healthy? I really like McGahee again this year though, and Hillman may be good if he can ever stay on the field.

So this is how I'd boil it down for now. Until we see more, these are just the best guesses.

QB: Advantage Broncos. No disrespect to Rivers, he's a great QB if he cuts down on his turnovers this year.
WR: Even
O-Line: Broncos
RB: Chargers
TE: Chargers

Pass Rushers: Denver- though Philips is good, and I loved Ingram coming out of the draft.
Rest of D-Line: Even?
SS: Chargers
FS: Even?
CBs: Broncos

I mean, this is all just opinion of course. But I'm not sure how Bob can say that you guys clearly have the best roster. Seems pretty even and debatable to me.

I know everyone gushes about how great the chiefs are top to bottom too except at QB. And they do have GREAT talent, but I don't think that any part of their roster with the exception of Safety and maybe linebacker, is head and shoulders above what the Broncos have. Although, I'd say Von evens that up a bit. They have a more proven WR in Bowe that finally decided to show up to camp, but we have just as much potential at reciever as they do.

Generally, I think its safe to say that its going to be a close race. I just don't think the Raiders will have the fire power and overall defense to keep up. But stranger things have happened.

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