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"In general, ideal front-seven players in the 34 are bigger and need to take on and defeat blocks more often in the running game."

" 34 defensive ends were usually defensive tackles (DTs) when entering at first. They must be strong at the point of attack and are aligned in most cases head-up on an offensive tackle. First and foremost, they must control run gaps. Size and strength become more of a factor for linemen in 34 defenses than in 43 defenses because they move primarily within the confines of line play and seldom are in space using athletic ability. Ideally 34 DEs should weigh 285300 pounds (129140 kg) and be able to beat double teams by getting a push.[8] The 34 nose tackle is considered the most physically demanding position in football.[9] His primary responsibility is to control the A gaps, the two openings between the center and guards, and not get pushed back into his linebackers."

No wait wait the DL are all supposed to be Jared Allen and get 22 sacks each!!
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