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Nathaniel Irvig

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
So it took him time to develop. If you read my post you will see that that was the entire point I was trying to make. But no this board says Poe is a BUST because he wasn't Vince Wilfork in his first ever NFL game.

As for Ngata, he's become so much better of player since 2008. The last 2 years for him have been incredible.
Your single biggest flaw of logic is that you are comparing him to super stars.

EVERYONE has the "potential" after they're drafted to become the next star of the league. Just because he put up some good number in the combine doesn't mean a god damn thing in terms of him actually DEVELOPING as a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

It's ****ing absurd to defend it. He's either going to be a piece of **** that amounts to nothing, depth, a starter or a super star. ALL of these things are possible...and when you look at the history of the league, super star is the least likely possibility.

He's not a ****ing Andrew Luck or Von Miller coming out of the draft, where everyone KNEW the player would be a stud in the NFL. He's a combine hero that your team took a fly on with the HOPE they could turn him into an actual player that made use of those physical gifts.

I mean holy ****. I guess Brock is going to be the next Elway/Manning right? We drafted him. He has a rocket arm and a lot of great traits. ****. We've got a future All-Pro QB! Do you see how ****ing stupid that sounds... and we have two ****ing HOF QB's around him. Poe has no stars to mentor him...and his HC, who was around Wilfork, does not spend his time as a position coach.

KC took a risk on Poe that has an exceedingly high risk of failure if your expectations are that he's going to be an All-Pro player. Remember how ****ing solid of a pick Tyson Jackson was supposed to be? THIRD OVERALL.

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