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Lombardi III

Originally Posted by Bob's your Information Minister View Post
Doesn't mean he wasn't a good pass rusher. We're talking about a DT, not a DE or OLB.

A lot of scouting reports on the guy talked about his pass rush ability.

Raji is another guy who goes about 340 and is a very good pass rusher.

We drafted Poe in part to play in our nickel package because A) he could rush the passer and B) he's also big enough to hold up against the run in that package. Last year we had issues getting run on in our nickel.

I don't even like the pick, because he was drafted way too high, but the guy has talent as a pass rusher.

I saw some tape of him playing at Memphis. There was this one play where he was supposed to be pass rushing, and he was going through the motions and all, but his eyes were on the ground. His eyes are rarely in the backfield. That spells....'ruh roh'.....on all kinds of levels to me.

I watched the first preseason game for you guys and watched him.

You probably have too, and my guess is you were at a loss for words.

I wasnt though.

If its any consolation, I dread facing Hillis.
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