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Matt Paradis

Just listened to the new podcast during my early-morning jog -- a few observations:

1) This is just a really, really well-done podcast, and is very easy to listen to. TJ is doing a great job moderating the conversation and keeping everyone from talking on top of each other, which is so often the problem with these "round table"-type podcasts.

2) The technical issues were minor -- I might not even have noticed them if you hadn't mentioned it.

3) Any reason this podcast isn't on iTunes? Might find a broader audience that way, as it's the de facto best Broncos-related podcast.

4) Great, great points by the entire panel regarding the running back roster battle, so much so that I went back and listened to it again after my workout was finished. Will be fascinating to see how it plays out over the next three pre-season games.

5) Only thing I disagree with is your commentary on Derek Wolfe's looks towards the end. I think he's a sexy beast! (especially if he keeps getting sacks)

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