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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
fair enough but why not try to trade down? Even if kc took a trade that wasn't exactly great value, that is, they kinda did like the Broncos did and made a trade down that "could have been better"? At the very least you gain a few picks.

Heck, Pioli could have traded the #11 for something like a #1 in next year's draft and a #2 in this years draft, and some change.

Poe was just not worth the 11th pick IMHO. If I was Pioli I would have done everything possible to trade that pick even if it meant taking a trade that would be a little undervalued.
Yeah, I don't disagree. It would have been nice to get an extra pick or two out of it. But wouldn't you agree that trading down isn't always what you hope it will be? I know you guys got lots of extra picks this year by trading down, but doesn't a part of you wonder who you COULD have had if you'd just "reached" a bit?

I'm no Pioli apologist; his refusal to address the QB situation is nearly unforgivable at this point. But aside from that, he's quietly and slowly taken a team that was absolutely god awful a few years ago and made it respectable.

Along the way, we've reached for a number of guys (Dorsey, Jackson, and Poe are the poster children here), and they are definitely being paid way more than they are worth. But at the same time, Dorsey and Jackson have turned into very solid, if not spectacular players. If Pioli feels like he has to reach a bit to get the guys he really thinks are worth it, I can't fault him based on the recent track record.
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