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Brock Osweiler

Originally Posted by DaFace View Post
The problem is, we (the Chiefs) really didn't have a ton of holes aside from NT and QB. Say what you will about Cassel, but the Chiefs are a more complete team outside of him than any time in the past decade. Outside of those two positions, any pick at #11 would have had to take the place of either a solid starter or a young guy who is still developing.

By the time we got to #11, the only QB who was even CLOSE to that level of talent left was Weeden, and that would have been awful, awful value (not to mention all of the other issues with Weeden).

So basically, the Chiefs took a project guy who COULD work out to be absolutely incredible, but who they weren't really counting on to step in and be "the guy" day 1. Was it worth the #11 pick? Probably not. But aside from saying that we should have traded down (which is always much easier said than done), I'm not sure who I would have rather seen them take.
This is a reasonable post. Isn't your OLine suspect or is my memory off base?
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