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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I wont rip on Conference USA players right now as we have Wolfe coming from the same conference. Of course our #1 draft pick (and much further back from Poe) will be in most plays. At #11, I would prefer a project guy like a QB. DT are hard to come by and I think the chiefs panicked.
Cincinnati is a Big East school. Memphis didn't move until this year. I get that Poe needs time to develop as a 2-gap. Still though the fact that the kid couldn't produce quality numbers in C-USA with his size, strength and speed is a massive red flag. Meth Wolfe was an All-American and averaged a sack per game facing the same level of competition, despite having less raw talent.

Look like Tarzan, play like Jane players rarely pan out. Especially in the trenches.
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