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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Dukes View Post
Jesus dude, barely through the first chapter and you've brought back so many memories I had forgotten. "Ten, nine, eight, seven....." HAHAHAHAHA
My main goals are:

1. The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation
2. Provide vets with an accurate and honest nostalgia book
3. Give the public a little more perspective on what is sacrificed on their behalf

Glad I'm getting #2 with you so quickly bud!

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Pat, I just sent you a message in Facebook.

Looking forward to reading it.
I wanna answer this here so others see it too:

I will absolutely give any Maner that gets this an address to send the book to for me to personalize and sign. You guys deserve that for sure (My only disclaimer: unless I ****ing hate you and you'll know it but there's really only like 3 of you). I WILL unfortunately need you to cover return postage though as it's going to be good volume of books.
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