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So a player that plays in the NT position part time is the same as one that plays full time? C'mon man. Facing double teams every single play is brutal for any rookie entering the NFL. The Bills did a great job switching it up.

It amazes me that you didn't even watch the game and assume Poe did nothing. Watch the game. Houston's sack had DJ run straight through an open lane to the QB because Poe was taking up the G and C pushing them 3 yards back.
He also got a pass defended after driving the G back 4 yards into the pocket and using those "tiny" arms to bat the ball down.
Poe taking up double teams is meant to free other players to make plays. Perfect example Poe forcing the C and G to double him up leaving Tamba one-on-one with the OT. Most of the time Tamba is gonna get sacks/pressures if teams are stupid enough to put only an OT on him.

Just because he isn't starting doesn't mean he isn't gonna make an impact. BJ Raji only started 1 game his rookie season and played in a ton of pass rush situations. Hell people didn't like it that Aldon Smith was taken by the 49ers, then he didn't even start which made it worse. Look at what happened.
Injuries forced Dareus to the 3 tech. You said he didn't play NT which is a lie. Don't you get tired of getting owned in debates? I did watch the game and laughed at Poe getting pancaked couple of times. Oh yeah those were backup ol.
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