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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Your a clueless idiot that knows zero about football. I already explained it but since you can carry on a normal conversation I'll try ot again. You said Dareus didn't play NT which is 100 percent wrong. He started there til Williams got hurt then shifted him over. A 1 tech is a NT responsible for 1 gap. No he didn't play the 0 technique but he did play on the nose and quite well. How do you define NT? Your clueless and can't even talk football unless you use fantasy football stats. Go ahead change subject or put a spin on your dareous didn't play NT statement. What does Jay Ratliff play in Dallas since we are talking schemes?
Don't feed the idiots, they won't realize they just ate and they'll become fat lardy gluttons who do nothing but gobble up the b.s., demanding more and more all the time.

BTW- great explanation of the NT position. It actually helps me.
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