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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Dareus played a lot of NT I happen to watch a ton of Bills games since my fiance's family is lifelong Bills season ticket suite holders. You are the one who is clueless. They played a one gap 3-e4 scheme that is going to be very similar to the 4-3 under they will use this year. Dareus played the 1 technique which is a NT that lines up on the shoulder of the C. Now Dareus wasn't a 2 gap NT but not many people play that D but he did play a ton of 1 tech NT. He can play anywhere on the line unlike the workout warrior bust that KC drafted.
"Even when we played a 3-4, we were playing an under defense, which is a 4-3 concept," Williams said.

The "under" front puts the 3-technique defensive tackle in a great position to make plays, because he's usually seeing one-on-one blocking.

NT's go against 2 blockers every single play. Playing the NT position "part time" is not the same as playing it full time. Nice try.
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