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Mike Shanahan

Btw guys, if you REALLY wanna help, post one of the following to your social media platform (depending on the audience. A is vulgar, B is emotional)

"You're friggin' nasty, Bequet. Why didn't your mother stop feeding your fat, ugly ass?"
"This recruit's mother is dead, sir!"
Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant McFadden paused and gave him a nod. He turned to leave, but then looked back at Bequet. "So that's why she barely moved when I ****ed her."

Or in book stores everywhere


For the past few years, I had become emotionless, never letting my own feelings touch me or cloud my thinking. As I crossed the room, in what seemed like slow motion, with my family sobbing violently behind me at the vision of my dead father, the dam broke. I found myself in the corner, sunken down to my knees, and for the first time in years, tears streamed uninhibited down my face. It wasn't the sight of my father or anything about the environment that brought on my hysteria. It was reality. It was knowing, now, he was gone. It was accepting that life, as I knew it, was over... forever.

Or in book stores everywhere
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