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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I love German cars also, BMW 325i that just turned 10 years old last month, hoping to get 250k miles out of it, at 109k now and minus a few dings it still looks and handles like new. Would love to have a 5 series one day but not sure I really need it anymore. I don't drive as much as I used to
I drove a 335is for years and enjoyed it quite a bit, and figured I would probably just update it with a newer model when it came time to get a new car. Surprisingly, when I decided to start shopping for a new one and taking some different cars for a test drive I ended up getting a Volvo S40 T5 AWD- last car I would have thought I would end up getting, but its turned out to be such a joy to drive. Still has great acceleration and fun to let it rip on the open road, but its so nice in that it handles as good as any car or suv I've ever driven in the rain and snow (including 3 Jeeps I owned as 2nd cars).

Since I found myself liking to drive it so much, I started taking more road trips, and noticed how comfortable and well designed the seats were. It really becomes noticable after longer stretches when you typically start getting sore or feeling the need to stretch, but Volvo seats really provide such a comfortable ride. Kinda sad and unsure what Ill get next in the next 2-3 years now thay Ford sold Volvo to a Chinese company, so maybe Ill have to revisit BMW or check out Audi.
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