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Is this thing on???
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Peyton Hillis

It's hard to know where to start on this one.

How about the title - "The Beasts Under Your Bed"? - Ghey!
The Sparta opening from that gay, POS movie where they turned a brilliant story into a Marilyn Manson video - Ghey!
The thought that the league is scared of the Chiefs - Ghey!

My only big worry (as usual) is Clady vs. Hali. Hali has been the best d-end against Clady historically and always seems to have his number. The rest of the defense is just good, nothing special, just good.

If Tyson Jackson is the "beast under the bed," then someone just **** the bed. And let's not get started on Poe, he is going to be a classic megaturd fail for at least a couple years.
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