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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Brock Osweiler!

Brock Freaking Osweiler!

I'm going to put myself out there on this. I'm a gambler, by nature. So here it goes. Let's do this!

I like this kid.

This thread is about all things Brock Osweiler!

I predict this thread will end up in the Ring of Fame. One day, we'll all be sitting around our virtual living room, talking about #6's 300th TD pass, and someone will say, "Whoa! Brock Osweiler! Who saw that coming?"

And someone - maybe KramerAurelia (1st post = TODAY) - with his/her 30,000th post - will say, "DomCasual! THAT'S WHO!"

And someone else will say, "Good take, KramerAurelia! Man, thanks for being such an asset to this board! This place hasn't been the same, since you signed up!"

So, back to Brock. He's GOT to be the backup this year, right? I mean - Caleb Hanie? Please!

Let's share some Osweiler trivia. I'll go first. Before Brock started against the University of Oregon's Ducks on 11/14/2009 (my daughter's 3rd birthday, for those of you keeping score at home), who was the last true freshman to start a game for Arizona State?

Hahahaha... doubtful... "KramerAurelia" was a spambot and the "heavy-sledge" banhammer has already been wielded...
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