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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Brock Osweiler!

Brock Freaking Osweiler!

I'm going to put myself out there on this. I'm a gambler, by nature. So here it goes. Let's do this!

I like this kid.

This thread is about all things Brock Osweiler!

I predict this thread will end up in the Ring of Fame. One day, we'll all be sitting around our virtual living room, talking about #6's 300th TD pass, and someone will say, "Whoa! Brock Osweiler! Who saw that coming?"

And someone - maybe KramerAurelia (1st post = TODAY) - with his/her 30,000th post - will say, "DomCasual! THAT'S WHO!"

I said the same thing about Steve Tensi back in '68 and just look at me now.

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