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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Cabrera also has roughly 90 more plate appearances, 20ish more games played.
Average, Trout
OBP, Trout
Slugging, Trout
OPS, Trout
Runs scored, Trout
Steals, Trout
Triples, Trout

HR's, Cabrera
RBI's, Cabrera
Doubles, Cabrera
Hits, Cabrera

Not to mention Trout is loads better defensively than Cabrera.

Yes, Cabrera is putting up awesome numbers and playing extremely well. There is just simply a better candidate right now in Trout who is even playing better. Its like the Bonds-Pujols MVP wars where Pujols would put up crazy numbers, but Bonds put up even crazier numbers.

If Trout slows down, which he hasn't really, then I can see Cabrera winning.

What a surprise, a piece advocating for Cabrera written by a Detroit writer.

Yes, Cabrera is a candidate, but Trout has the advantage.
Agreed. Trout is simply the better overall player in almost every way and was called up as a rook 1/3 into the season. Thats incredible.
However, the real crime will be that Cabrerra will win the MVP if the Angels dont make the playoffs and DET does.
Its just pathetic, but Scoscia should be fired (and then hung) if this happens.
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