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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
He should of been a lot more productive in an Offense where their QB just smashed the single season yardage record. There are plenty of #3 WR who have produced 1000 yards. He could of and should of taken over for Lance Moore.
Colston is their #1 WR, but Jimmy Graham is really the #1 target. Sproles is used heavily in the passing game. They don't really have a number two WR. The way that offense runs, they distribute the ball everywhere (Meachem, Moore, Henderson, Thomas).

Not saying that means Meachem will have a breakout season (though I think he will. ) Right now he's just a proven #2 receiver that will have to prove he's more than that.

And for all the passing the Saints do, they don't air it out deep like the Chargers do. That's Norv's style. You don't see the Saints receivers with the kind of YPC like the Chargers have. It's not even close.

The only reason I can see the Charger's deep passing game struggling is because of the issues at LT. If they're just being cautious with Gaither right now and he turns out to be fine, Rivers will be airing it out like he always does. If Gaither's health is in question, Norv has shown he is stubborn to adjust his gameplan and I think the passing game will struggle like it did last year with the o-line issues that they had.
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