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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
good point - Meachem was the #3 WR last year, and had fewer receptions than the TE and 2 RB's. Yes, he is a good deep threat but hasn't consistently been an all-around WR. I suppose SD has Gates to make those possession-keeping, chain-moving catches, but that's a lot of eggs for an often injured, 32 year old TE to carry.

Honestly though, I think they will miss Tolbert the most. Turner loves to run his screen game, and I'm not sure who will be picking up the slack here.
Meachem hasn't lived up to his potential yet but in defense of him, there were too many weapons in New Orleans to feed everyone the ball. This is the year for him to shut up his critics. But he doesn't have to be an all around receiver. Jackson was a one trick pony being a deep threat and that's Meachem's claim to fame as well. They have guys like Brown, Royal and Floyd to fill the other voids.

Everyone thinks the deep ball will be in trouble, but if you look at Jackson and Floyd, they were equally as productive on "bombs" thrown over 40 yards.

Mathews is more dangerous on screens than Tolbert, easily. Honestly, Ronnie Brown is a great replacement for Tolbert. Different kind of back but a proven dependable RB. Tolbert had the same fumbling issues as Mathews. He was just more durable than him.
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