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I wouldn't count on the AFC west being pretty just yet. I still think 9-7 could win the thing. Raiders if McFadden stays healthy can win 9-10 games IMO. If he isn't then that goes way down. They would need the defense to play above their heads but really the whole division up for grabs. If all KC's players come back strong, Charles, Berry, and the FA tackle Winston is worth the money they could make some noise. Chargers IMO still a dangerous team with Gates and Rivers. If its true Gates on a mission then they division in trouble. Great players on a mission can be really dangerous and I do think Rivers and Gates are great players.

But Manning also on a mission. Can't feel good to all the sudden have people saying your little brother is better, you are washed up, one injury filled yr and your team ships you out for Andrew Luck.

He's on a mission also and he plays the most important position. I really think Broncos have a slight edge. Not a lot but a little one.
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