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Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
Again, I know norv runs it and Phillis operates! And yes he is
magical! Just watch him. Bottom line, I don't believe in Meachem, his
Durability, and therefore I think that this Deep passing attack will take a hit. And this 2010 season you speak of had a better OL to protect PR,
not to mention Sproles as an underneath Yac guy that teams had to worry about.

Sorry try again.
We had guys like Seyi Tutu and Legadu Nannee go big in 2010 with Rivers. I think even if Meachem isn't completely healthy, he'll still provide that deep threat better than Tutu and Nanae did anyways.

As for the OL question, we had Dombrowski as the Left Tackle for the first quarter of the season before McNeill came back. It's a wash this season if anything.
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