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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Miggy also has more hits, more doubles, and more walks in addition to HRs and RBIs.

I'm not saying Miggy is a lock for MVP, but I think he has a better chance than you think.

Not to mention, there are still over 50 games yet to be played....basically 1/3 of the season left.

In general, the guys who smack 40+ HRs with 130-140 RBIs, while hitting in the .330 range tend to win MVP awards.

Chicks (and MVP voters) dig the long ball.

That said, I really enjoy watching Mike Trout play....dude is a phenom.

Nothing against Trout, but Cabrera has the type of numbers that make him a more enticing MVP candidate. He's a masher, and he's mashing.

A couple of things to remember with 1/3 of the season left to play. End of season standings play a huge part in the MVP voting. Tiger's are .750 since the All-Star break, Angels are under .500. Whichever team finishes out stronger gives their candidate a huge advantage. Additionally, don't underestimate the power of Trout being a rookie working against him.
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