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Originally Posted by Xenos View Post
He's not though. Norv's offense is built on the deep pass and Rivers is the perfect QB for it, which still existed even when VJ was gone for most of the 2010 season. Did you think Rivers magically had 4700 yards during that season on yard after catch alone? It's why SD went after someone like Meacheam because he has that deep threat capability.
Again, I know norv runs it and Phillis operates! And yes he is
magical! Just watch him. Bottom line, I don't believe in Meachem, his
Durability, and therefore I think that this Deep passing attack will take a hit. And this 2010 season you speak of had a better OL to protect PR, not to mention Sproles as an underneath Yac guy that teams had to worry about.

Sorry try again.
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