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The thing you guys need to realize with Charles is that he isn't going to be used a ton like a lot of extra players. If he has 1,000 yards and breaks some nice runs consistently through the year I'm happy. The Chiefs were 15th in rushing last year with McCluster and Battle. It won't be hard to be better than that.
The biggest upgrade Hillis brings is his ability to get tough yards. Thomas Jones sucked at that and we desperately needed an upgrade in that area.

Will Peyton Manning be the old QB to throw 30 TD's this year? Will the offense gel with an extremely tough first half? Can the Broncos stop the run consistently with DMC and Charles coming back? Is the offense line gonna prove they can protect Manning after Clady and Franklin struggled last year and Harris coming off of injury?

The entire division has an abundance of questions. Not just the Chiefs.
I'd be shocked if he had more then 700 yards. History is completely against him here.

Hillis is a fumble machine. Really doubt that changes.

Most of your question marks revolve around Manning. Behind a pro style offense, doubt there will be any protection problems. Running game minus Tebow is a big question mark tho
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