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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
Top ten isn't going to cut. You have to be #1 or 2 overall in defense if you want to amount to the success of those three teams. The Panthers were #2 in defense after 03, the Bucs were #1, and so were the Bears. Remember the Bucs were the only team out of the three to win, and that can be attributed to good QB play from Johnson. The Bears had a pitiful offense, but Devin Hester and the Defense managed enough points to get that team to the Super Bowl. The Panthers running game and defense got them to the big show, but in the end proved lacking against a dominant Patriots team.

The 49ers last year fell victim to the same flaws that brought down the previously mentioned contenders. In the playoffs, a good defense can only carry you as far as the opposing offenses mistakes. This has become the new trend in a pass dominated league. It's a lot harder to force mistakes in a league that puts so much emphasis on the QB, and receiver. Disrupting timing, and "making QBs pay" are archaic notions now. To counter balance this you have to be able to match the offensive production you allow, hence the importance of an accurate QB. Alex Smith could make plays happen, but when it counted on third down he failed. Give a QB like Brees, Manningx2, Brady, Rogers, or Ben the ball with a min 20 left in a game, and your done.
yah, wrong. The pats barely beat the Panthers in the SB and that was with them taping the panthers walk throughs.
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