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Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
The Chargers problems are mainly playing down to their competition. They might be the most talented team in the division, but they can't afford to not get up for all of their opponents. At times, they look like a championship caliber team and at other times they look like one of the worst ten teams in the league. Bring consistency and they will be a tough team to beat out. Best draft in the division as well, so that should definitely help them out
A lot of truth to this.

Just look at their final three games last season.

Stomped the Ravens

Got embarrassed by the Lions.

Beat the 'win and yer in' Raiders convincingly.

The game against the Lions, which the Chargers HAD to win to keep their playoff hopes alive, wasn't just a loss... it was a BEATDOWN.

Vegas makes a lot of money off people who think they know which Charger team is going to show up in a given week.
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