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Why is it not relevant? Because the team was talented?
This is by far the best team he's had in KC. It has talent to help him succeed. In 2009, it was known that the team was just awful talent wise and there was no way for any QB to succeed. Last year he lost his receiver with the best hands (Moeaki) and a RB that averaged 6+ YPC (Charles) and he still had the team in first place the week he got hurt.

I agree that he needs to beat good teams, but saying he was only good because of being with good teams, but discounting his average play on bad teams is foolish.
It's not relevant because KC doesn't have near the team that New England had in 2008.

I'm not arguing that Cassel would fail to be decent if he was surrounded with the Patriots talent. I'm arguing that the deck is stacked against KC if they have around the 9th-11th ranked defense, with Cassel as the QB. And I'm not arguing that KC couldn't win a mediocre division with Cassel (although I don't think it's mediocre this year)

Obviously if KC has the top ranked defense, KC would be relevant as far as the Super Bowl goes. Losing Moeaki hurt, but he was an injury prone player throughout his career in Iowa, so really shouldn't be surprising to anyone that he got hurt.

Charles injury was huge obviously. Not just for last year, but it's likely going to be 2013 before he's close to what he was before the injury.

And KC being in first place the week before he hurt had a lot more to do with the division he was playing in then Cassel "leading" KC anywhere.

Far as KC having the more talent then in 2010, guess we'll see. I still see some glaring depth problems that could really negatively impact KC's team. really need the corners to stay healthy, Routt to return to his 2010 form, Bowe to be a quick learner/pray he stayed in moderated shape, Charles to return to form, Hillis being less of a retard then he is normally.. among other factors. As much as Manning is a question mark for the Broncos, I'd say KC has just as many question marks if not more.
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