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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Oh, come on. The Broncos are still the media favorite.
According to who? I haven't seen very many people picking the Broncos. In fact an analyst on ESPN a few days ago said we wouldn't even have a winning record this year.

As for this analysis, there isn't much to it. I agree that Rivers is going to be better than he was last year. After that, the points fall apart.

He asserts that the Chargers have the best draft and that draft is going to help them. I'm sorry, but how can he know this? He then lists weaknesses in fantasy that all the Charger's division rivals will have to overcome. I'm sorry but fantasy stats are a pretty poor indicator of how many games a team will win. I like picking QB's with bad defenses because they throw for more yards playing catch up. That doesn't mean they win a lot of games, though.

His final point is the Chargers will play harder to "prove the world wrong" about them. Really? THAT is what's finally going to push the Chargers over the edge? All these seasons they didn't care, but now that some people say their window is closed NOW they are going to "try" to win games? Like they weren't trying before?

I am open to the idea that the Chargers are going to be resurgent this season. However I see them as the Eagles in the early 2000's where the other three teams were kind of muddling around in the NFC East and McNabb and company just kept getting chances on account of the division being so terrible. That's the Chargers for me. And now the rest of the division is catching up to them and they've lost a lot of talent. Rivers will always keep them as a threat to win any game, but I think they need some new good players before they can turn things around.
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