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Originally Posted by Rolandftw View Post
Sanchez is also a young QB, that in theory, could still improve as a player.

Cassel had three years to "learn" the NFL game, and 4 years as the starting QB. If he hasn't got it by now, he probably isn't going to.

It's not that he "can't win in the playoffs," as much as he "can't beat anybody good." A 1-9 record against teams that made the playoffs, with his lone win being against the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks.

Again, Kyle Orton doubled Cassel's win total with the Chiefs against playoff teams over a near 3 year span--in 3 games. Kyle Freaking Orton. Even a QB at his level would make the Chiefs a more dangerous team.

KC will be a good team this year defensively, but not at the level of San Francisco. And from a rushing standpoint, it is not likely Charles returns to his 2010 form next season. Will likely be around 2013 before he's close to that.
Your stats are wrong. Cassel has beaten a Miami Dolphins team that made the playoffs. I'm not sure if he's beaten another one, but that one came to mind.
So I guess your whole Orton theory is off.

As for Cassel learning, in his 4 years as a starter, he's had 3 head coaches and a 4 offensive coordinators. He's literally learned a new system every single season. Cassel has had his team at double digits wins in 2 of the 4 years and last year he had the Chiefs tied for 1st place in the division the week that he got hurt.

I'm not saying he's a franchise QB, but other aspects should be noted. I don't think that many QB's can just learn entirely new systems every single year and look fantastic.
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