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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
No, I will not. Just because I believe a possible advantage can be had by these special legs doesn't make me insensitive to their situation. THese legs are not built for everyday use. They are used for running. I will repeat, until we have a case study of both usuage from the same participants, we will not fully understand the advantage (if there is one). This will probably never happen as the cases will be such a small sample.
Oscar has been able to master the use of them and is an athlete himself. We just cant have a definite answer (yet) based on case study.

Just because some can publically speak out on a possible advantage, doesnt make us insensitive. Many just don't want to say anything because of the hand those athletes have been handed to them.
Feel free to whine all you want, but it looks like the people who actually make decisions, and you know, matter, disagree with you.

They investigated it, and they have no problem with it.

"How can they scientifically know?" Really? I'm guessing that the people who are able to "scientifically know" whether someone is doping can also use science (science!) to figure out if someone with prosthetic legs gains a competitive advantage...or at least they have a better idea than you, a guy behind a keyboard.
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