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Malik Jackson

Another indication why the Cubs are such perennial losers:

The Cubs chances of trading Alfonso Soriano or anyone else to the Dodgers in the near future probably has been killed by the sour taste left from the Ryan Dempster saga. Sources confirmed Saturday that Cubs management did not let the Dodgers know they were letting Dempster listen in on phone calls between the team Tuesday regarding the possibility of a trade to them. The serious breach of ethics figures to affect the relationship between the two organizations, which had been on good terms until now. It all began when Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said Tuesday that Dempster was on a couch in their offices at the trade deadline. "It was actually funny," Hoyer said, adding he told Dempster to "find a different office." On Wednesday, Cubs President Theo Epstein conceded Dempster actually was allowed to listen in on phone conversations with the Dodgers.
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