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Really impossible to say if the artificial legs give him an advantage or not... He was born without legs, so its impossible to compare times he may have had with actual legs as compared to with artificial legs... I watched him tonight, and he got dead last in his semi final, so its really a non issue. I think its an amazing story, and he seems to be a pretty inspirational guy. I'm glad he did it. I saw the MIT guy that designed pistorius' legs and he had some "bionic" legs that were amazing. Crazy to think that we are living in a time in which we are on the threshhold of doing things that we saw in Star Wars growing up and thought they were impossible and now are actually happening. Incredible...
This does lead to an interesting point, is there an advantage that can be gained by improving the technology that goes into his legs at some future point that would provide an unfair advantage?

He is far from being the athlete from his own country with the biggest unfair advantage though (I dont think he has an advantage at the moment btw). That dude Semyana Castor is running in the womens 800m and has testicles that never dropped. That is a pretty big advantage. The dude makes her own testosterone.
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