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And what about Matt Hasselback, who was 0-2 in the playoffs before having success? Mark Sanchez is an awful QB that has benefited from having an outstanding supporting cast surrounding him.

To say Cassel can't win in the playoffs because of one bad game is retarded. There needs to be more proof of him not doing well in the playoffs.

As for Pioli, he has tried to bring in a franchise QB into the building. He tried to get Manning. He tried to trade up for RG3. And I think he'll try even more. Pioli hasn't had a chance to get a real franchise QB since he's been in KC. When he does I think he'll pull the trigger.
Sanchez is also a young QB, that in theory, could still improve as a player.

Cassel had three years to "learn" the NFL game, and 4 years as the starting QB. If he hasn't got it by now, he probably isn't going to.

It's not that he "can't win in the playoffs," as much as he "can't beat anybody good." A 1-9 record against teams that made the playoffs, with his lone win being against the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks.

Again, Kyle Orton doubled Cassel's win total with the Chiefs against playoff teams over a near 3 year span--in 3 games. Kyle Freaking Orton. Even a QB at his level would make the Chiefs a more dangerous team.

KC will be a good team this year defensively, but not at the level of San Francisco. And from a rushing standpoint, it is not likely Charles returns to his 2010 form next season. Will likely be around 2013 before he's close to that.
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