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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
So you are saying without a shadow of doubt that the prosthetics have absolutely no advantage over human anatomy? I say when we have a case study of athletes that end up being amputated with both legs for this experiment, we will know the answer. It isn't happening anytime soon. Seems when we want to make something better, it comes with mechanics. I watched 6 million dollar man. They weren't stealing any human parts for his bionic arm.
An advantage over whose human anatomy? No matter how much I train, I will never be able to swim as well as Phelps, because I do not have his arm length or foot size. Everyone is built differently, and since there's no baseline for human performance, it's pretty difficult to say that this guy is better with his prosthetic legs than he would be without.

Why is this guy so much better than other runners with these prosthetics? Could it be that he's just a really good athlete?
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