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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Oklahoma baby, excited again, but I don't have amazingly high expectations.
The offense i'm not worried about, hopefully the D holds together.

Be interesting to see if Landry Jones plays himself to a cement lock 1st round pick, or falls down in the draft.
Big 12 is going to be interesting.

OU and WVU are the top two teams. Texas is still looking for a QB but their defense is pretty salty. TCU should be competitive.

OSU and KSU are going to take a step back. OSU is starting a frosh QB and KSU surely wont get every bounce their way like last year.

Baylor is going to fall off the map without RGIII and ISU is certainly going to upset either WVU or OU because tahts what they do.

Tech is going to suck again.

And Kansas will suck again, but hopefully not nearly as bad as the last two years. Maybe this time we can get a first down against Texas.

For the first time in a long time I dont think the Big 12 has a national title contender from the start but I think the Big 12 is going to be a pretty fun league to watch this year.
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