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Circular logic. You assume it didn't work in practice because they didn't try it in the game. And they didn't try it in the game because it didn't work in practice.

Success comes from unpredictability.

Most OC's understand that throwing on 3rd and short is important every now and again to keep defenses honest. If you're doing it 2 times a season, there's no reason for a defense not to put 9 on the line on every 3rd and short. It's not like we were converting every 3rd and short. It was pretty frustrating watching them fall short while running straight into the teeth of midfield goal line defenses on virtually every 3rd and short.

Interesting you used the word circular. Which also can be used in describing Tebows drop back technique. It's cut and dry. If the passing plays looked absolutely horrible in practice, which they did, they aren't going to call them in a game. Couple that in with the actual passing plays that we're called, but tebow chose to run instead of pass. Listen in on a jets practice. You can actually hear jets fans screaming for him to throw it. When there is no pass rush. On a sunny day with calm wind. With a brand new football.
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