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That's great. You came up with one scenario where the 12 yarder would be better. That wasn't the issue. We never said that there were no scenarios where that would be the case. We acknowledge that it could be better to get that one completion.

You, however, said that there were ZERO scenarios where our option was better. All we're asking you to do is acknowledge that there are also scenarios where it wouldn't be better to have just that one completion. Why is it so hard for you to just admit you were wrong?
Because you're the one cherry picking single downs. Setting up unrealistic scenarios in which McCoy basically never would've even called a pass play, and saying "but what about this passing scenario?" You just made McCoy chuckle.

When all you have to ask is whether you'd rather have 3 plays for 9 yards or 3 plays for 12 (or 10)
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