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I'm saying that given YOUR parameters of 3 pass attempts, there are numerous scenarios where 3 completions for 9 yards would be a more desirable outcome than 1 complation for 12 yards.

In any case, a running back who averages 4 yards per carry could very well be superior to a RB who averages 5. If some scat back runs for 500 yards on 100 carries, would you say he was "better" than a workhorse back who got 1400 yards on 350 carries?

You aren't very good at this.
Start where the game starts. 3 plays. 10 yards to gain. What's better? Three 3 yarders or 1 12 yarder? If you only relied on your QB (taking running game out for pure QB comparison) which QB will get a 1st. Which will earn a punt?
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