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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
So what you're saying is a running back who averages 4 yards per carry is probably better than one who averages 5. Because sometimes you only need 4.
Depending on how large the sample size is, yes, 4 CAN be better than 5. It's all in how you get there.

Clinton Portis was the master of the 100 yard game and often had a nice 5 ypc with us. The problem was, 80 of those yards would come on 3 or 4 carries. The other 15+ carries he'd only get 30 or so yards. That CAN hurt a team more than a guy who spreads his 4 yards per carry out fairly evenly over the course of a full game. A Mike Anderson type. When you need a guy to extend drives and rest the defense, a consistent 4 yard per carry guy can help out a lot more than an all or nothing "home run hitter" can.
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