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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
That's some funny logic.

"But a 12 yard completion doesn't do you no good on 3rd and 17!"

Great. Now how much better is a 3 yard completion in that instance? I think you're missing the point of what an average is.

But it's a perfect analogy for how the haters measured Tebow's performance. They were always putting Tebow in 3rd and 17 in their minds. Orton was only judged on 3rd and 2.
Where did I even mention Tebow or Orton? I was addressing your comment impling that 1-3 for 12 yards is always a better outcome than 3-3 for 9 yards. It's not. And where did I say that 12 yards does no good on 3rd down? I merely suggested that it's a less desirable outcome than a 3 yard pass that converts a 1st down. And it is. If you want to go back to your original statement and stick in some qualifiers, be my guest. But your original statement was painfully ignorant.
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