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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Herm was the GM?

Anyway, let's hear you rip Romeo for drafting Frye and Brady Quinn then.
Herm loved Croyle. He obviously had a big part in drafting him. Don't try to blame this one all on King Carl. They both had their part in it.

Why would Frye even matter? Derek Anderson played better than him and went on to the pro bowl, so Romeo was smart for going with him.

As for Quinn, there was no reason for Romeo to go with him in 2007. That was the year Andersen had them at 10-6. The next year (Romeo's last), he got action and broke his finger in the 2nd game he played, ultimately ending his season.

Quinn is a tricky QB. He's only played like 13 games and didn't have a real chance at QB.

I give Romeo credit for drafting a first round "franchise" (as most called him) QB. That's more than our organization has done. You can't have a franchise QB if you don't at least try, you know?
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