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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Herm was a defensive coach. Definitely not his specialty to get QB's.
What kind of reply is this? What does this even have to do with my post? Even you can do better than that.

You said Herm was below average coach. I pointed out his quarterbacks he had to work with. You point out he's a defensive coach? He was never given even a below average quarterback. All of those guys STUNK.

Look at his tenure with the Jets. Playoffs 3 out of 5 years and a 5 and 2 record in the post season. I wouldn't call that below average at all.

The difference was that he had a good (not great) quarterback in Pennington there. Not the garbage he was left to die with in KC.

Now back to Romeo. He hasn't had much to work with in terms of QBs either (except for the one year with Anderson). Cassel, to his credit, continues to play above expectations but he's never shown that he can be a difference maker. I still can't believe the Chiefs continue to pass up drafting a replacement for him. They have a pretty good team all around but it's just being held back by the QB position.
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