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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
wow lots of IFs for the coming year.. Just on Offense.
That was the point--there are a lot of ifs. Way too many to predict a top 5 offense.

Someone else mentioned TD to Interceptio ratio, which is a not very insightful point. Palmer threw 6 in his first two games after having been with the team all of 10 days. Last season, everything bad that Palmer did was to be expected and everything good was just a bonus. It was a warmup for the 2012 season. That was assuming we'd have the same system in place, but now we don't.

We have a lot of question going into the season; more than were necessary if we'd simply kept the same offensive system in place. So we'll see what happens.

But going back to "ifs", every team has them. Peyton Manning is a huge if for you guys. If he isn't back to form immediately you guys could very well start the season 0-5. And if that happens the signing will have been a huge failure and you'll be watching a lot of college football, trying to identify where you'll fall in the draft and if that will good (bad) enough to try and find your next franchise quarterback.
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