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Here's my recent interview with Floyd (for those who hate to click on links!)

Catching up with Broncos Hall of Famer, author, Floyd Little

By Tom Mackie

Broncos Hall of Famer Floyd Little is a busy man. The Franchise, a true American hero born on Independence Day, just turned 70-years young. But he still looks like he could romp 80 yards for a TD. True to his trademark running style, Floyd spent most of the past month zigzagging across the country to celebrate his birthday, with his wife and children in LA and Washington, DC., then attended a good friendís birthday to boot. There was also a family reunion, and next week Floyd heads back to Canton for enshrinement weekend, as the Hall welcomes 6 new members.

Floyd also has a new book coming out, Promises to Keep, on Sept. 1st thatís guaranteed to get national attention. It chronicles his lifeís journey from Syracuse to Denver to Canton and beyond. While most men his age are retired, Floydís never been known for taking things slow. Last year, he accepted his dream job. He returned to Syracuse as the Special Assistant to the Athletic Director. With his new book coming out and the college football season getting underway, I caught up with my childhood idol before he was off again!

Q: Just like the name of the feature written about you for Pro! Magazine when I was a kid, Whatís a day in the life of Floyd Little like these days?

Haha. All I can say is I am truly blessed. I get up every morning and feel like I won the lottery. I have a beautiful wife, 3 incredible children and 4 precious grandchildren that are my whole world. Plus, I have the greatest job in the world at Syracuse where I get to speak and motivate a cadre of college students, great young men and women, every single day. Inspiring young people has always been my calling. As a player I was honored by winning the Brian Piccolo award and Byron Whizzer White Award for humanitarian service. I was also hand-picked by then-Colorado Governor John Love to be his special assistant. Now Iíve come full circle and try to influence the lives of Syracuse students each day.

Q: Youíve also picked up a few honors the past couple years, in addition to finally being enshrined in Canton, of course!

Thatís right. Last fall my hometown, New Haven, Connecticut, named their new athletic center after me Ė just a few feet from where I had been an All-State running back at James Hillhouse High School. Then in January, 2012, I was honored with the Walter Camp Distinguished American Award. The best part about both of those honors was I got to deliver speeches, to kids at both events. And at the Walter Camp ceremony, I spoke to college football All-Americans like Andrew Luck and coaches like LSUís Les Miles. I told players and coaches that itís great that they are game-changers. But to really make a difference I implored them to become life-changers. To use their platform to help change kidsí lives. To be more than just role models, to get involved.

Q: Speaking of honors, what does it feel like now that you are finally where you belong Ė a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Funny, thatís what Jim Brown tells me whenever I see him. He will just smile, squeeze my shoulder and say, ďFloyd, you are where you belong.Ē Coming from Jim, the greatest who ever played, that means the world. But I would have to say the biggest thing about being a Hall of Famer is itís given me a bigger platform to give back to the community, to get my message out to young people. To tell them: stay in school, surround yourself with positive people, set a goal and come up with a game plan to achieve that goal, and never, ever listen to the naysayers. Also, the one thing that I love about being a Hall of Famer is that now that Iím part of the ultimate team, they canít cut you, fire you, or trade you. Thatís an incredible feeling.

Q: In 2006, you authored your first book, the extremely popular Tales from the Broncos Sideline. Now, 6 years later, you have a new book due out Sept 1: Promises to Keep. What can fans expect from your new book?

Well, I really poured my heart into this book. I decided that at my age, it was important that I was truly honest about my feelings on a lot of issues. I was candid about a number of things that will surprise the heck out of some folks. But what the book is really about is the importance of keeping your word. In my day, your word was your bond. It was everything. I think thatís kinda gotten lost these days. The title is based on my life-long promise to someone I loved dearly. A promise I made that changed my life forever. A promise that motivated me to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others.

Q: So, who did you make this incredible promise to?

(laughs). Oh, no, no. Youíre not going to get me to spill that. Youíre going to have to buy the book and find out Ö You dirty dog!

Click below now to pre-order Floyd Littleís book, Promises to Keep


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